“Will You Marry Me?”

Make that special moment last forever

Wedding Proposal Planner Singapore

Why engage a wedding proposal planner?

Because an unforgettable wedding proposal stays with your woman for life. Women love telling their engagement stories to people because that is their way of relishing that special moment over and over again.

Alice: “How long is forever?”

White Rabbit: “Sometimes, just one second.”

Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland

Marriage Proposal Services

In a recent survey, 88% of brides interviewed said that the surprise factor was important to them when it came to their men asking for their hand.

Perfect surprise wedding proposals are not easy to pull off. Even with a great idea, a perfect wedding proposal plan can be sabotaged without good coordination and execution.

Whichever stage of marriage proposal planning you are at, we have packaged services to help you up your proposal game.

Wedding Proposal Packages

Wedding Proposal Video Production Singapore

Package A

Wedding Proposal Video Production

Need a video as your proposal entry? Videos make wonderful entries for surprise proposals in cinemas and places with projector screens. From art direction to filming and editing, we help you produce the perfect video to propose.

Proposal Videographer Singapore

Package B

Proposal Day Photography and Videography

Capture this engagement day forever with our professional photography and videography team. Your girl won’t just get to talk about it, she will be able to share and replay the romantic moments to her heart’s content.

Wedding Proposal Packages Singapore

Package C

i) Wedding Proposal Video Production
ii) Proposal Day Photography and Videography

With a proposal video plus actual proposal day photography and videography team on standby, you will already have half of a wedding proposal plan in place.

All that is left for you to do is to prepare the ring, plan the whole flow of your wedding proposal program, secure the perfect venue, coordinate with friends and family, etc.

Flash Mob Proposal Singapore

Package D

i) Flash Mob Proposal
ii) Proposal Day Photography and Videography

A flash mob proposal is great especially if you know your other half will enjoy the adrenaline rush of such an energetic event.

From personalising choreography around your love story to getting the right dancers to perform the flash mob and securing a permit from the Singapore Police, we smoothen the proposal preparation for you. With our photo and video production team, we capture and immortalise moments of your flash mob proposal.

Live Band Wedding Proposal Singapore

Package E

i) Surprise Live Band
ii) Proposal Day Photography and Videography

We will plan a ‘happenstance’ in which a live band shows up where you and your girl hangs around. The live band will perform her favourite songs and personalise them with her name in the lyrics. When she starts to realise whats happening, thats when your big question pops in.

From the state of unawareness to realisation, our photography and videography team will capture all precious moments and present them in a beautiful photo and video production for you.

Customised Wedding Proposal Singapore

Custom Design Wedding Proposal

Prefer to have a wedding proposal planner come up with a truly personalised marriage proposal plan for the love of your life? From coming up with customised wedding proposal ideas to venue sourcing, event planning, coordination and execution, we take care of all details for you. Together with your input, we make those fine moments last forever for you and your spouse to be.


Q. How long in advance should I book for a package?

A. Try to book as early as possible. At least 1 month in advance would be a comfortable period to work on your marriage proposal. The earlier you book, the better it is for you.

Q. I want my girlfriend’s favourite local band to be part of my surprise proposal plan. Will you be able to make that happen?

Yes, absolutely. We can make that happen for you if the band is available and your budget allows. If you would like to surprise your girlfriend with her favourite celebrity, whether it is a chef, band, star, etc. we have the resources to make that happen for you.

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