Wedding Orchestra

Grand Orchestra Music for Singapore Weddings

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Wedding Orchestra Singapore

Planning to hire a wedding orchestra in Singapore for your special day? We provide fine musicians to perform live music for wedding events in Singapore like the solemnization ceremony, wedding reception, banquet and wedding party.

As your wedding guests share this special day of love with you, let them experience the finest of wedding entertainment and enthrall them with the visual grandeur of a large instrumental ensemble and majestic sound of a professional wedding orchestra.

Wedding Orchestra Music

Wedding Orchestra Singapore

Aside from performing relaxing, classical music, our wedding orchestra is also able to play upbeat popular music pieces available from their extensive repertoire list.

Perhaps you might be thinking, for popular music, wouldn’t it be easier to just get a band for weddings? Well, besides the experience of a visual spectacle, the key advantage of having a wedding orchestra over a wedding band is its unbeatable quality and richness in sound.

From the wedding ceremony, reception to the dinner banquet, our wedding orchestra can alternate between classical and popular songs suitable for the mood of different segments of your wedding event.

The Service

Having to deal with a wedding orchestra might seem like a logistical nightmare, but we have it all covered for you. You will have a smooth experience of hiring a wedding orchestra from us.

Music Selection & Arrangement

For different segments of your wedding, we do the heavy lifting of planning and selecting suitable music pieces for you. If you have specific pieces which you would like our wedding orchestra to perform, please let us know before booking and we will check if there is an available orchestra arrangement for your requests.

Wedding Entertainment Coordination Singapore

Logistics & Coordination

With more than a few musicians in a orchestra, logistics of hiring a wedding orchestra can be rather complex. To save you the headaches, we can work with your main wedding coordinator to find about the venue and event details so as to plan and facilitate the program, schedule and logistics of the wedding orchestra.

Wedding Entertainers Singapore

Wedding Entertainment Packages

To make things really easy for you, we can package in a wedding MC with your hired wedding orchestra. Leave your entire wedding entertainment planning and coordination with us and concentrate on other aspects of your wedding event. If you need more than a wedding MC and orchestra, simply let us know in the contact form or email to us at and we will get that arranged for you.


Q. Can you wedding orchestra perform outdoors?

A. Yes, absolutely. Our wedding orchestra can perform outdoors under sheltered environments on dry grounds.

Q. Besides having a wedding orchestra, do you have other wedding performers?

A. Yes, we have string quartets, music DJs and live bands who can perform at weddings.

Q. How early should I book your wedding orchestra?

A. Try to book as early as you can. Demand for orchestra bookings has been increasing for wedding entertainment, corporate functions and private events.

For further enquiries, do get in touch with us in the contact form below and a representative will get back to you soon.

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