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Our race organisers specialise in helping companies and non-profit organisations organise mass participation race events.

The type of race events our race organisers cover include anything from the conventional endurance events like walkathons, marathons, dualthons and triathlons to creatively designed adventure races with pit stops challenges and clues, not unlike the internationally famous reality show “The Amazing Race”.

Types of Races

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Inline Skating

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Creative Adventure Races

Race Organiser Singapore

Other Races

Race Event Service Offerings

When tasked to organise a race, our team of race organisers are able to provide the following services:

Race Conceptualization, Design and Management
Venue Sourcing & Negotiation
Securing Permits and Road Closure
Sponsorship Marketing
Marketing and Promotion
Event Registration
Race Pack Logistics
Event Staff Management
Volunteer Management
Race Timing & Results
Photo and Video Production

Whether you are planning to have a race that involves running, cycling, swimming, obstacle courses or fun and unique adventures, our race organisers will work with you from event conception to execution to transform your ideas into reality.

Prior to actual race day, our race marketing team will maximise event exposure to your target community in order to pack your race event with as many participants as logistically possible.

Our team will strive to make every race event a success. Get in touch with us about your race event requirements at this contact form or email to enquiry@eventhrall.com and our race organisers will get back to you soon.


Q. Are races only for fundraising purposes?

A. Race events can be organised to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, fundraising for your favourite community groups and also as business ventures.

Q. Are race events profitable?

A. Holding race events can be profitable because of entry fees collection and corporate sponsorships. There are entrepreneurs, companies and private-equity firms who have gain wealth from races. Refer to article – “Marathons, Ironmans, Triathlons Become a Gold Mine” by Wall Street Journal. However, we can’t guarantee the profitability of your race as this would largely depend on event turnout.

Q. Do you organise race events out of Singapore?

A. Yes, our race organiser team is able to organise race events out of Singapore, but this also depends on which country you have in mind. Do let us know about your enquiry in the contact form below and a representative will get back to you soon to let you know if it is feasible.

Q. Besides organising races, do you organise other sports events?

A. Yes, absolutely. Our sports event planning services are not limited to only race organisation. We also have sports event planners who are able to help you design, manage and produce other sports events like matches, tournaments, workshops, etc.

To enquire about event services for other sporting events, email to enquiry@eventhrall.com or leave your enquiries at this contact form and a representative will get back to you soon.

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