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Need professional exhibition organisers in Singapore to help your company plan and manage exhibitions from start to end? Our team of professional exhibition organisers are able to orchestrate well designed exhibition events to help your exhibitors create impact on their target audience.

Types of exhibition events which our team covers include fairs, consumer trade shows, industry trade shows and expos.

Trade Fair Organisers Singapore


For exhibition fairs, our professional exhibition organisers will gather communities to mingle base on their common theme of interest. In fairs, there are usually food and some form of entertainment to engage attendees. There will also be lots of buying and selling activities going on.

An example would be the art fair, where art enthusiasts, collectors and curators seize the opportunity to meet and buy art pieces directly from artists.

Other examples include makers fair, stamp and coin fair, vintage collectibles fair and craft fair, etc.

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Consumer Trade Shows

Consumer trade shows are exhibition events organised to enable corporate exhibitors to sell to customers face-to-face. Such exhibitions provide excellent opportunities for multiple service and product launches. Through these exhibitions, exhibitors get to increase brand recognition and engage both existing customers and new prospects.

Examples include consumer electronics exhibitions, auto shows, cosmetic trade shows etc, where companies introduce their products and services to the public.

Trade Show Organiser Singapore

Industry Trade Shows

Our professional exhibition organisers manage industry trade shows to let exhibitors showcase and demonstrate their latest offerings of products and services to industry partners. These exhibitions provide invaluable networking opportunities, enabling companies to expand their reach into new and emerging markets.

Examples include agriculture, healthcare and construction trade shows, etc., which are usually not open to public.

Exhibition Services

Planning and executing a successful exhibition requires great attention to details. Besides logistics management, our dedicated professional exhibition organiser will pay attention to looking after exhibitors as they form part of the immersive exhibition experience.

Together with your team, the exhibition organiser will find out objectives that need to be achieved from your exhibition. From there, an exhibition will be designed, planned and executed to your satisfaction.


Q. Do you organise exhibition events out of Singapore?

A. Yes, our professional exhibition organisers are able to organise events in locations out of Singapore, depending on which destinations you have in mind. Do let us know about your intended destination(s) and event requirements in the contact form below and a representative will get back to you soon to let you know if it is feasible.

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