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Our team of professional conference organisers in Singapore specialise in the planning and management of conferences, congresses and seminars.

Planning, organising and running a successful conference requires much expertise and great amount of attention to details. Our conference organisers are well trained to help you take care of major and minor details to make sure that your conference events run smoothly.

Types of Conferences

Conference Organisers Singapore

We are able to organise all kinds of conferences from various sectors, including but not limited to:



Q. What conference services do you provide?

A. According to your needs, our team of professional conference organisers can provide services including but not limited to:

Q. Do you also do trade shows and conventions?

A. Yes, absolutely. We have professional exhibition organisers who can plan and manage your entire trade show. We also have meeting and convention planners to run your conventions.

If you are intending to run a convention with exhibition booths, keynote sessions and breakout sessions, contact us at our contact form or email to and our team of conference organisers will get back to you soon.

Q. Do you run conferences outside of Singapore?

A. Yes, we work together with overseas partners to assist you fully on your conference needs outside of Singapore.

Q. Do you also provide destination management services?

A. Yes, absolutely. As part of an extensive list of conference services, our professional conference organisers are also able to provide destination management services to enhance the immersive conference experience for your guests.

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