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Our professional team of meeting and convention event planners will plan, produce and smoothly run your conventions, meetings, seminars and expos on your behalf.

Whether you are intending to hold a fan convention, industry convention or professional convention for a large event of people, we will do all the heavy lifting of event management for you and let you and your attendees socialize and really get to know one another, maximising the immersive convention experience.

We organise various fan conventions for raving fans of specific interests to meet related celebrities and other enthusiastic fans. Examples of such fan conventions include comic conventions, gaming conventions, collectibles conventions, etc. Many entrepreneurs and business entities hold ticketed fan conventions as they can be really fun and profitable at the same time.

We organise industry conventions for groups of people belonging in the same industry. Such conventions usually feature keynote sessions, breakout sessions, trade booths and other activities relevant to attendees. Industry conventions do bear some similarities to trade shows.

We organise professional conventions for people belonging to the same profession or organisation in which they meet in large groups to discuss about current issues and advancements. Examples include optometry meetings, insurance conventions, MLM conventions etc.

Convention Planning Services

Our meeting convention and event planners are able to provide the following services:

Program Development
Marketing and Promotion
Budget Management
Vendor Management
Site Selection & Negotiation
Travel Arrangements
Speakers Invitation
Celebrities Invitation
Food & Beverage Co-ordination
Guest Programs
Event Registration
Public Relations


Q. What is the difference between conventions and conferences?

A. Conventions tend to be less formal and facilitate more interactions among attendees while conferences are comparatively more formal and the focus of conferences is to learn from keynote speakers and industry leaders.

Q. Do you organise other corporate events like conferences and exhibitions?

A. Yes, absolutely. We have event organisers to plan, produce and run your conferences and exhibitions.

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