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Live Bands for Weddings

Looking at live bands for weddings in Singapore to help you set the mood for your joyous occasion? For such a special event like your big day, nothing beats having live music to entertain you and your wedding guests.

We have wedding bands who are able to provide live music entertainment at your solemnization ceremony, wedding reception and wedding banquet.


Perhaps you are looking to hire a wedding jazz band, cover band, swing band, pop band, soul band, big band, rock band or maybe even your favourite local band to sing and perform at your wedding. We have wedding bands of every genre.

Get in touch with us and tell us what band you are looking for in the contact form below and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Service

Wedding Band Recommendation Singapore

Wedding Band Recommendation and Booking

Our wedding entertainment planners will be able to give you wedding band recommendations based on their expertise and help you book a suitable wedding band, subjected to musicians’ availability.

Wedding Band Technical Support Singapore

Audio Visual Technical Support

Booking a great band is just the beginning. Every good music event needs qualified audio visual technical experts to provide and support sound and lighting systems that are suitable for the event capacity and venue.

With subpar equipment and lack of technical expertise, even the most well planned wedding entertainment and best wedding band performance can be sabotaged by audio visual problems.

When you book a band through our wedding entertainment planners, you can be assured that such technical details will be well taken care of.

Wedding Entertainment Event Support Singapore

Insightful Event Support

Some couples are concerned about details such as the sequence of songs and specific songs which the wedding band will play. Unbeknownst to many, the feel of the event and timing of songs are also very important.

Such elements can be handled by well trained wedding entertainment co-ordinators who have the know how of making the music flow with your event. If like many, you are having our wedding entertainment package which includes the DJ and band, the coordination will also be well taken care of.


Q. Besides having live bands for weddings, do you have other music talents who can perform at my wedding?

A. Yes, absolutely. We also have wedding DJs, string quartets and even a wedding orchestra.

Q. I want a celebrity band to perform at my wedding, will that be possible?

A. Yes, that may be possible, depending on who you will be asking for, your budget and also the band’s availability. Let us know which celebrity band you want to perform at your wedding, your available budget and the date of performance and a representative will come back to you to let you know if it is feasible.

Q. Besides looking at live bands for weddings, I am also keen to hire a MC and a DJ complete with a competent mobile disco sound system. Do you have a wedding entertainment package complete with prices for me to take a look at?

A. Yes, absolutely. Get in touch with us through the contact form below or email to and our wedding entertainment planner will send you the wedding entertainment package menu.

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