Golf Event Organiser

Corporate Golf Day, Fundraising and Client Golf Tournament

Golf Event Organiser

Looking for a golf event company to provide custom golf event management services in Singapore?

We have a team of golf event planners at your service to plan and manage various amateur and professional golf events to meet your event requirements.

Whether you are intending to have a one day golf event at the course, or tee off a series of golf tournaments with qualifying rounds leading to a main tournament, our event planners will help you orchestrate the sporting event to your satisfaction.

Types of Golf Events

Our golf event organisers cover events for:

Golf Event Service Offerings

Our team of golf event organisers provide the following services:

Event Creation, Management & Support
Marketing and Promotion
Venue Sourcing & Negotation
Food & Beverage Catering
Transportation Services
Welcome Reception
Photo & Video Production
Golf Event Favours
Organisation of Prizes

Regardless the purpose of your golf event: Raising funds to benefit a charity, forge closer relationships among staff and business associates or to entertain key clients, etc., our golf event planners will manage all event needs from planning, preparation to execution to give you and your guests an enjoyable golfing experience on actual golf day and let you achieve the main purposes of your event.

Get in touch with our golf event company specialists about your event requirements at this contact form or email to and a representative will get back to you soon.


Q. Do you organise junior golf tournaments?

A. Yes, absolutely. We are able to organise both friendly and high level golf competition events for junior golfers.

Q. Do you provide golf event management services outside of Singapore?

A. Yes, we work together with overseas partners to manage your golf event needs outside of Singapore. Get in touch with us at this contact form and tell us the intended destinations you have in mind for your golf event, and our golf event company specialists will get back to you soon to let you know if it is feasible.

Q. Do you organise after golf entertainment events?

A. Yes, absolutely. After events are often held to capitalise on the golf event high. Our event planners can tailor a series of events for the whole day and include after golf entertainment events like parties, fashion shows, special performances or gala dinners to enhance the whole experience and further build on relationships from the golf event.

Q. Do you organise other sporting events for fundraising, corporate outings and client appreciation outings?

A. Yes, absolutely. We have sports event planners who are able to organise many other sports including races for karting, cycling, inline skating and mass participation endurance events like marathons and walkathons etc.

Q. Do you organise golf clinics?

A. Yes, absolutely. We can integrate a golf clinic into your event.

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