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Chinese Emcee Singapore

As one of the largest provider of professional male and female Chinese emcees in Singapore, we are sure to have a suitable Chinese emcee personality for you whether you are having a private event, corporate function or community event.

Some events which our emcees cover include:

Private Events
• Parties
Luxury Parties

Public Events
• Concerts

• Chinese New Year Celebrations
Chinese Festivals
◦ Dragonboat Festival 端午节
◦ Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节
◦ Winter Solstice Festival 冬至

Corporate Events
• Dinner and Dance
• Seminars
Product Launches
• Award Ceremonies
• Gala Dinners
Luxury Events

Get in touch with us about the event you are having and we will get you a suitable Chinese emcee for the occasion.

Our Chinese Emcees

We understand that every event is an investment for you and you don’t want to risk having an amateur emcee who undermines the potential of your show.

We only field quality Chinese emcees who bring the best out of your event.

Here are some important things which our emcees will do for you:

Singapore Chinese Emcees who bring life to your event

Bring life to your event

Sometimes you may experience having an event space full of people but the atmosphere is dull. Our emcees know how to work their infectious energy into the crowd and bring life to your audience, whether it is for an indoor event like a wedding dinner, or an outdoor event like a festival.

In the case of outdoor events, being able to excite the crowd is an important contributor to event success as it will help to retain the audience and draw in new crowds at the same time.

Tactful emcees Chinese traditions and culture Singapore

Handle your audience tactfully

Our Chinese emcees are not only well spoken, they each have a keen understanding of Chinese traditions and culture which makes them mindful of taboo issues and speak with tactfulness.

In this day and age where a wrongly spoken word and a small misunderstanding can go undesirably viral, having tactfulness can mean the world of difference between a successful event and a PR disaster.

Bilingual Emcee Mandarin and English Singapore

Interact with your English and Mandarin speaking guests

Majority of our Chinese emcees are effectively bilingual in both Mandarin and English.

There may be instances during the event where an emcee will have to interact with non Mandarin speakers, whether your audience is a home crowd at a local community event or an international crowd at a global function.

Having a bilingual host makes the whole experience much more inclusive for all your guests.

Popular Emcees Singapore

Carry themselves well

Our emcees are not just pleasant looking, they are also pleasant in disposition. Despite the barrier between the stage and the audience, they are able to break the ice and make that special connection with your guests quickly because of their natural likeability.

In this day and age where people in Singapore love sharing memorable event experiences on social media, it is quite common for guests to grab our emcees for photo opportunities at the end of the show.

To hire a Chinese emcee from us, simply tell us about your requirements and event details at this contact form or email to us at and we will come back to you soon.

Our Service

Recommended Chinese Emcee Singapore

Recommendation Service

As all emcees have different charisma and personalities, the search for a suitable Chinese emcee for your event can be rather tedious and few people will enjoy the process.

We aim to save you from that.

According to your event nature and audience, we get you a suitable Chinese emcee who will bring the best out of your event, whether you are having a wedding, corporate event, community event or global event.

Chinese Emcee Team Singapore

Chinese Emcee Team

By hiring from us your risks are greatly minimized because unlike many other providers, we are not a single emcee outfit.

We believe that whatever happens, the show must go on. In the rare event that an emcee is not able to show up due to unforeseen circumstances, we still have a team of Chinese emcees who can stand in for the job.

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For enquiries on hiring a Chinese emcee from us, get in touch at this contact form or email to us at and we will get back to you soon.

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