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Bilingual Emcee Singapore

We have a professional team of male and female bilingual emcees in Singapore who are able to host various events like weddings, corporate events, sports events and community events, etc.

In our bilingual emcee team, we have hosts who are proficient in English and Chinese, English and Malay as well as English and other foreign languages. Whether your event is targeted on a local crowd or international audience, we have an emcee for you.

We are different from other bilingual emcee service providers in Singapore. Why?

Unlike most emcee service providers, we are not a single emcee outfit. If you have experience hiring emcees in the past, like many companies and associations in Singapore, you will know the importance of hiring from a multi emcee provider.

Languages Covered

Singapore Bilingual Emcee - English and Chinese

English - Chinese Emcee

Singapore Bilingual Emcee: English and Malay

English - Malay Emcee

Singapore Bilingual Emcee: English and Other Language

English - Foreign Language Emcee

Let us know about your event details and whether you are looking for an English – Chinese, English – Malay or English – other foreign languages emcee in the contact form below or email to and our representative will come back to you soon on the availability.

Events We Cover

Singapore Wedding Emcee


Charity Event Emcee Singapore

Charity Events

Product Launch Emcee Singapore

Product Launches

Press Conference and Media Event Emcee Singapore

Press Conferences & Media Events

Gala Dinner Emcee Singapore

Gala Dinners

Awards Ceremony Emcee Singapore

Awards Ceremonies

Conference Emcee Singapore

Conferences, Conventions & Meetings

Festival Event Emcee Singapore


Sports Events Emcee Singapore

Sports Events

Event categories listed here are not exhaustive. We cover many different types of events in Singapore. There is hardly a one personality fits all event types kind of emcee. For your event type and requirements, we will get you a suitable bilingual emcee personality to host your show.

Our Service

Wedding Emcee Team Singapore

Bilingual Emcee Team

We are of the firm belief that whatever happens, the show must go on. Unlike many other providers, we are not a single emcee outfit. In the rare event that a bilingual emcee you hire from us is not able to turn up, we have a team of emcees who are able to stand in for the job, ensuring that your show goes on.

We know that the last thing you want is to have to personally find a emcee replacement on the very day of your event and our team structure minimizes the risks of such incidents happening to you.

Recommended Wedding MC Singapore

Recommendation Service

Even if an emcee proclaims to have the capability to host and inject the fun element into all types of event, we know from experience that not every emcee will be suitable to host your event. There is hardly a emcee who is perfect for ALL events – wedding, conference, auction, charity event, golf tournament, etc.

An emcee who is great for weddings may not be received as well if tasked to host a luxury gala dinner or a crowded festival. It is not just about looks and the level of energy required for the event but also because every emcee comes with his / her own personality and individual charisma. Someone who may be pleasing to a particular wedding dinner crowd may not find the same kind of favour with a luxury gala dinner audience.

Based on your event type and target audience, we find you a perfect match from our expanding team of professional bilingual emcees, saving you precious time from embarking on an extensive emcee search.

At the same time, we understand that events are investments to you and we bring you the best value in the market according to your requirements and budget.


Q. Besides having emcees, do you provide other entertainment talents?

A. Yes, absolutely. We have engaging entertainment acts who can perform for your event audience and leave them with great memories of your event. Some examples include lighting show technicians, dancers, special magicians, musicians etc.

If you need a customised show with back to back acts for your event, we also have an experienced show production team who can create, design and produce show productions specially for you.

Q. Are you able to take on my entire entertainment program to plan and manage everything from A to Z?

A. Yes, absolutely. We are not only in the business of providing talents, we have event production services specialists who will handle your event entertainment from design to implementation and management.

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To enquire about hiring a bilingual emcee in Singapore, get in touch with us at this contact form or email to and a representative will get back to you soon.

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