21st Birthday Party

You are only 21 once

21st Birthday Party Planner Singapore

We provide full service 21st birthday party planning to give you the ultimate 21st birthday experience of a lifetime.

From conceptualizing birthday themes to making you look your best on the very day, we take care of every single detail so that you can truly enjoy your one and only 21st birthday.

21st Birthday Party Package

21st Birthday Party Planner Service Singapore

Even if birthdays from all your other years are less than perfect, your 21st birthday should be epic because it is a milestone that signifies your entry into adulthood.

Our 21st birthday party package of services are designed to help you make a grand entrance into your adulthood:

➤ Makeover Services
➤ 21st Birthday Party Theme
➤ 21st Birthday Party Invitations

➤ Venue Sourcing, Negotiation and Booking
➤ 21st Birthday Party Decorations
➤ Food Catering & Birthday Cake

➤ Birthday Party Games & Activities
➤ Birthday Party Event Entertainment
➤ Instant Photo Booth and Printing
➤ 21st Birthday Photo and Video Production

21st Birthday Party Planner Services

21st Birthday Makeover Singapore

Makeover Services

What better time to improve your look than for your 21st birthday?

Depending on what you need, we get you a custom makeover to suit your individual style or give you a style breakthrough.

The whole idea is to help you shine on your 21st birthday party. Even if other people usually get more attention than you, your 21st birthday is definitely a good reason to have some of that ‘me time’.

21st Birthday Party Themes Singapore

21st Birthday Party Theme

Many people have difficulty coming up with a theme for their birthday because in some cases, styles from dress code, decoration, party invites and birthday cake will all derive from the theme. That is quite a big decision to make.

We have some cool birthday party themes for you to choose for your 21st birthday and we customise themes to individual preference.

➤ Adult Birthday Party Theme Packages

21st Birthday Party Invitations Singapore

21st Birthday Party Invitations

From art design, distribution to RSVP services, we help you take care of your 21st birthday party invitations and attendance list to plan for venue, food catering quantity and suitable party activities.

21st birthday party venue Singapore

Venue Sourcing, Negotiation and Booking

Depending on your theme, nature of guest list and number of guests, we source for you a suitable venue to house your party and help you with the negotiation and booking.

21st Birthday Party Decorations Singapore

21st Birthday Party Decorations

Adult birthday party decorations can be quite a challenge to many because often times people are limited by what they remember of kids birthday parties decor – kiddy balloons, cartoon characters, party hats, etc.

We align venue styling and party decorations tastefully with your theme. Even when balloon decorations are involved, (e.g. balloon arches, helium balloons, etc.) your guests will not get the impression that they are at a kids birthday party.

21st Birthday Party Catering Singapore

Food Catering & Birthday Cake

We will plan and book for food catering according to the nature of your invited guest list, number of RSVP guests and conveyed food preferences.

A birthday cake will also be designed according to your preferences or to the theme.

21st Birthday Party Games Singapore

Birthday Party Games & Activities

It is not uncommon to see people hanging around making awkward small talks, not knowing what to do after eating and drinking. There is only so much food one can eat and that many selfies and wefies one can take.

You may have different groups of friends and relatives and it is impossible to split yourself into several pieces to entertain all of them.

We come up with birthday party games and activities which your guests can engage in and feel entertained while waiting for their turn to congratulate you and chat with you.

Birthday Party Band Singapore

Birthday Party Event Entertainment

In between games and activities, we arrange for event entertainers to perform at your birthday party to keep your guests entertained.

From live bands, string quartets, orchestra, DJs to cool street magicians, we have a wider range of entertainers whom you can select to bring life to your party.

21st Birthday Photo Booth Singapore

Instant Photo Booth and Printing

We provide instant photo booth with cool props for you and your guests to take instant print photos as wonderful keepsakes of your 21st birthday party.

21st Birthday Videography Singapore

21st Birthday Photo and Video Production

With photo and video production, we immortalise you on still and motion film looking your best and having the time of your life with family and friends at your 21st birthday party.

Selected moments of your party will be edited into a short 3 to 7 mins clip, making it easy for you to post and share on your favourite social media platforms.

For enquiries or to engage our 21st birthday party planner services, get in touch with us at this contact form or email to us at enquiry@eventhrall.com and we will get back to you soon.

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For enquiries about our 21st birthday planning services, get in touch at this contact form or email to us at enquiry@eventhrall.com and we will get back to you soon.

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